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Finasteride Medication:

Propecia (finasteride) is intended for the treatment of male pattern baldness. It stops and reverses gradual thinning of hair on the scalp. Another condition it may be prescribed for is benign prostatic hyperplasia. Taking Propecia may be associated with a number of mild side effects, such as pain in the testicles, runny nose, headache, impotence, swelling or tenderness in your breasts, decreased amount of semen, and decreased sexual desire. If they get worse and persist for some time, make sure you tell your doctor about them. Such medical conditions as liver disease, prostate cancer, inability to urinate, stricture of the urethra, and bladder muscle disorder must also be reported. Never take Propecia if you are allergic to finasteride or dutasteride, as an allergic reaction is possible with such symptoms displayed as itching, rash, swelling of the lips and face, changes in the breasts, and hives. Seek emergency medical help if you develop the symptoms of an allergic reaction. In some rare cases you may experience some breast changes, such as swelling, breast lumps and nipple discharge. These may be the symptoms of male breast cancer and they need to be reported as soon as possible to the doctor that prescribed Propecia.

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